Parish Church of the Holy Blood

The parish church is the Church of the Holy Blood located at the Grossglockner below the village on a steep slope. With the Grossglockner in the background, it forms one of the most famous photo motives in Austria.
Patron of the Church is St. Vincent. The legendary Brictius (or Brictius), who is revered in Heiligenblut, can not be the saint patron because he was never canonized. This Briccius must not be confused with Brice of Tours. The parish also includes the branch church Pockhorn.
It is first mentioned a chapel in 1271 as a repository of a vial Holy Blood, which is said to have received from the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII. The gift of the Prince of Denmark Briccius, the chapel was a place of pilgrimage. From 1273 to 1301, the chapel was renewed. A new church building began in the late 14th century. For this reason, in 1389 and 1393 indulgences were performed. The choir was completed in 1430, at the Arc de Triomphe, the nave is designated by the year 1483. The consecration of the church took place in 1491.

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